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Thanks for pointing out what I think are the common side effects of popular drugs.

Thanks for the quote. The song has haunting lyrics

I enjoyed reading parts 1--6. Is there any chance you could discuss some of your conclusions sooner than 2023? I'd love to tie my feelings of gloom at humans-aligning-themselves-to-algorithms to some call-to-action...

(I think) he thinks that managing/regulating/policing those corporations is the best that humans are willing to do.

So we cannot automate the discovery of unknown unknowns?

(BTW nice diagrams)

Seconding your comment. I wish OP had stated their definition of Consciousness to help clear the confusion in the various terms.

I feel an aversion to thinking about topics related in any way to my dying. No elevated heart rate, unless my person or my livelihood is threatened.

The only safe AGI software is libre AGI software? I buy that.

How is your book club different?

The world needs more poetry. Thanks, Elmer.

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