Bad names make you open the box

One model for choosing good names:

(1) selecting the concepts to include in the name, (2) choosing the words to represent each concept, and (3) constructing a name using these words.

"How Developers Choose Names" (2021) by Feitelson et al. https://arxiv.org/abs/2103.07487

Wrist Update

Hey Adele, could you please summarize (or link to) the exercises that helped you? I'm having wrist problems as well and I've found that cycling through a wide range of exercises helps

How do you solicit feedback effectively?

Hey Raj, I don't know you and you may DM me to have a conversation after which I can provide feedback.

What are all these children doing in my ponds?

It looks like Singer subscribes to the maxim, "Give until you're unable to take care of yourself and your loved ones."

I like this framing better than the drowning child analogy since the trigger for the action pattern of giving is well-defined. Thanks for pointing this article out, Chris_Leong.

2 innovative life extension approaches using cryonics technology

Props for writing up these out-of-the-box ideas. Hemispherectomies especially. I wonder how risky the procedure is.

Where are we?

Haha, I live in Lagos too. One day we'll have a proper meetup :)

Where are we?

Where in Nigeria?

Tentative Thoughts on the Cost Effectiveness of the SENS Foundation

Malnutrition is the visible surface symptom of "these are uncivilised, backwards people caught in a series of petty tribal wars".

I agree.

Could you tell me how you came about the list of African backward values? I currently live in an African country; I'd like the names of all the values I'd need to instil to avoid seeing preventable suffering around me.

(FYI I'd thought that having a public list of salaries and paying higher taxes, a la Norway, would be mostly sufficient to fix things)

Rescuing the Extropy Magazine archives

Perhaps put these files up on the Internet Archive (http://archive.org/upload/) so they're preserved "forever"

We need a better theory of happiness and suffering

Hey, turchin, do you mind explaining how you came about your final goals i.e. infinite evolution?

I'm looking for a way to test which final goal is more right. My current best guess for my final goal is, "avoiding pain and promoting play" and I've heard someone say, alternatively "beauty in the universe and eyes to see it." It would be neat if these different goals are reconcilable in some way.

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