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that it’s reasonably for Eliezer to not think that marginally writing more will drastically change things from his perspective.

Scientific breakthroughs live on the margins, so if he has guesses on how to achieve alignment sharing them could make a huge difference.


I have guesses

Even a small probability of solving alignment should have big expected utility modulo exfohazard. So why not share your guesses?


Weighted step ups instead of squats

Lunges vs weighted step ups?


why would a weighted step up be better and safer than a squat?


Weighted step ups instead of squats can be loaded quite heavy.

What are the advantages of weighted step ups vs squats without bending your knees too much? Squats would have the advantage of greater stability and only having to do half the reps.



Could you please give a definition of the word valence? The definition I found doesn't make sense to me:


1.1. It’s the first place large enough to contain a plausible explanation for how the AGI itself actually came to be.

According to this criterion we would be in a simulation because there is no plausible explanation of how the Universe was created.

  1. exfohazard
  2. expohazard(based on exposition)

Based on the latin prefix ex-

IMHO better than outfohazard.


The key here would be an exact quantification: how much carbs do these cultures consume in relation to the amount of physical activity.

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