Good forum for investing?

by roland 1 min read19th Mar 201515 comments


Hello I'm looking for the LW on investing advice. Any suggestions? Thanks.



Several commenters gave the standard advice of "buy index funds". If you bought into the Nikkei between 87 and 94 you would have made a loss or very little gains until now(30 years later). So I would appreciate some more in depth discussion regarding when is it good to invest into index funds? If you search in reddit/r/investing you will find more nuanced point of views.

In general index funds will reflect the underlying economy, in the case of the US it was a growing economy for the most part of the 20th century, so the index fund would be good advice in that time period. I have a hard time believing that it is still good advice now, when the economy is retracting or stagnating.

TLDR: reddit/r/investing has more nuanced discussions.