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Hi from Castify.

We're continuing our work to turn the Less Wrong sequences into audio. Could you spare about 30 seconds to help us decide which one to do next

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Thanks everyone. How to Actually Change Your Mind up next.

Instead of Yes/No on the "will you buy it" question, you might add options like "maybe >50%" and "maybe <50%." There's a definite chance that I will buy the one that I'm voting for, but it's less than 50% so I'm just going to answer "no."

I suppose what we'd really like to know is the expected value of of each sequence so we can do the one with the highest expected revenue. We could have asked you to put probabilities of purchasing each sequence next to the name of the sequence. Maybe next time…

I'm so tempted to say quantum just to see how you do it!

But no. Responded, seriously.

What we'd probably do is, for most articles, just tell you it's best to read the article here. We've done that quite a few times before and try to let people know we do this when describing the product.

I don't think you can physically do the quantum sequence, because so much of it is diagrams.