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and Kaarel’s work on DLK

@Kaarel is the research lead at Cadenza Labs (previously called NotodAI), our research group which started during the first part of SERI MATS 3.0 (There will be more information about Cadenza Labs hopefully soon!) 

Our team members broadly agree with the post! 

Currently, we are looking for further funding to continue to work on our research agenda. Interested funders (or potential collaborators) can reach out to us at

I've created a discord for the people interested in organizing / collaborating / self-study: People could start with the brief curriculum published in this document, until a full curriculum might be available :)

Maybe, we could also send out an invitation to all the people who got rejected to join a Slack channel. (I could set that up, if necessary. Since I don't have the emails, though, someone would need to send the invitations). There, based on the curriculum, people could form self-study groups on their own with others close-by (or remotely) and talk about difficulties, bugs, etc. Maybe, even the people who got not rejected could join the slack and help to answer questions (if they like and have time, of course)?

Same here (Not sure yet if I get accepted to AISC though). But I would be happy with helping or co-organizing something like Richard_Ngo suggested. (Although I've never organized something like that before) Maybe a virtual version in (Continental?) Europe, if there are enough people