I'm researching the possibility of global atmospheric contamination as a potential existential risk (say via the deliberate release of some extremely toxic chemical which achieves global dispersion [cf. microplastics for evidence this is possible], etc.), and have been having trouble finding any literature talking about the topic that isn't specifically about either nuclear winter or volcanic eruptions. Anyone know of any relevant literature, or at least have advice on what keywords I should be using to learn more?

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I wrote 'Global Catastrophic Risks by Chemical Contamination' https://philpapers.org/rec/TURGCR-2 

I checked now, and Google is not showing it, unless exact name is inserted.


Thanks, this is great! I'll print it up and give it a read over the weekend. Any other literature (especially from competing viewpoints) you'd recommend?

I put links at everything I found at the moment of writing in the article - but the topic seems to be under-explored.