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Kevin Ulug

This year's ACX Meetup everywhere in Ottawa, Canada .

It's time for Meetups Everywhere! If you would go to 1 or 2 meetups a year, make this one of them! 

Come on out to encounter ACX readers, and to find out what our Rational Ottawa weekly meetup group is like/is all about! No preplanned discussion this year, but games, nametags, frisbee, and food will be on hand- we're going picnic style, so you're encouraged to bring some shareable food/drink, but we will have the basics covered! Past years have seen attendance range from 1-2 dozen at these events, and I would expect that to continue. Please join us even if you're not quite sure you fit the crowd, or feel awkward about doing meetups! 

If it rains on us, we will head inside to Mexicali Rosa's on Dow's Lake.

Location: We'll be meeting in Commissioner's Park north of Dow's Lake, find us near the statue of The Man With Two Hats, there will be a large yellow sign that says ACX facing the statue. –


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