Bangalore SSC/LW meetup #22

by Nihal M3 comments


Second meetup of the year.

We'll be resuming a couple of discussions from where we left off last time. Don't be afraid if you didn't attend the last one, There'll be a recap at the beginning of hte meetup.

Shoot me a mail if you have any questions. See you all soon!

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Hi, I stumbled upon this event while browsing. May I know what these meetups are about and what are the expectations from the participants?

Hi, I don't look at this often, sorry for the late reply.

We usually discuss Scott's articles, and try to break down some topics discussed there, and some of the sequences.

It's a small group, so there aren't any expectations from the participants other than open discussion.

let me know if you plan on attending one, we have one scheduled this weekend.

I just start reading these essays this weekend. I live in Bangalore and would definitely like to be part of this meetup. I will reach out