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UPDATE: If it is raining, this meetup will be relocated to Dogpatch.  Updates will be posted in the comments to this event, so please check before coming to Emily Murphy.

Hello Everyone,

The April ACX Meetups Everywhere meetup will be on Thursday June 22nd at 6:00 PM.  

Location: Emily Murphy Park - we will try to get a spot at this pin.  

We usually order food, but feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks.  If we end up with poor weather, the location may change; please check back before the event for updates.

Discussion Topic: Book Reviews

ACX readers put a tremendous amount of effort making reader book reviews.  Let's support these efforts, and read them.  There's no set topic: instead, pick one or more book reviews, read them, and share what you learned!


Click this link for a random book review, here for a list of book reviews that haven't been rated much, and, optionally, here to leave a review.

Alternatively, feel free to pick one that interests you yourself: see the full list under point 1, here.

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Hello! Friendly reminder that the event location is dogpatch (despite the lack of rain)

Location has been changed to the Dogpatch in Riverdale!

10158 90 st NW #101, Edmonton, T5H 1R7

Calendar event says 6am, not 6pm 🙈

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