John Wentworth on "Tabooing 'Should' Exercise" [Sunday Meetup 1pm]


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Note: this meetup is an hour later than usual, due to the SSC meetup also being hosted in the Garden a few hours earlier.

Claim: moral/status/value judgements (like "we should blame X for Y", “Z is Bad”, etc) like to sneak into epistemic models and masquerade as weight-bearing components of predictions.

How can we detect moral/status/value judgements masquerading as components of predictive models? In this meetup, we'll try exercises in tabooing moral/status/value judgements, and hopefully discover some holes in our models.

We'll be meeting in Walled Garden at 1pm.

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Hi, we discussed practicing tabuing 'should' in writing. As this post is not very visible anymore I suggest a post about the practice with a link to either a Google Doc or Slack for collaborative writing.  

Reminds me of E-Prime where forms of to-be are tabooed. It is also about accurate epistemics - but about actual evidence that you have about facts vs. values. 

The time is 21:00 (9:00 PM) UTC.