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Welcome to the 3rd international AI Safety Unconference, which will take place online, April 23rd - 28th.

To learn more about this event and to register, head over to the official event webpage.

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We are seeking to mitigate harm and risk from Artificial Intelligence, in the near term, the medium term, and the far future. AISU is a solution-focused event. We are gathering to solve these problems, with an open mind as to what the solution may be, and a willingness to engage with diverse suggestions.

Although the focus on the gathering is primarily technical, related topics such as safe human-AI interaction and policy considerations for AI Safety are also welcome.


What is an Unconference?

An unconference is a participant driven symposium, designed to give you only the conversations that you are actually interested in. Instead of the program being decided by a committee, what happens will be chosen by the participants. Furthermore, to make sure to keep the focus on whatever is alive for you and the other participants, the program is decided right at the start of the unconference.

An unconference seeks to drive forward research and innovation by collaborating in ways that are beyond that which is offered in more traditional settings. Participants can share their own work and ideas, or make requests for what they want to learn about. These requests can then be filled by other participants. Sessions might be something like a brainstorming conversation, launching new project, discussing a contentious topic, or a technical review of completed research. All session formats are invited.

The most impactful breakthroughs in the history of science have come about through interactions such as these described above. Come to the Unconference to engage with your community in a meaningful way, without pretense, and full of energy.


Learn more and register

As I said, head over to the official event webpage, it has a schedule, an FAQ page and everything.

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AISU needs a logo. If you are interested in making one for us, let me know.

A note about previous events, and name changes

This is indeed the third AI Safety Unconference I'm involved in organising. The previous too where TAISU (short for Technical AI Safety Unconference), and Web-TAISU.

The first event was an in person event which took place at EA Hotel (CEEALAR). I choose to give that event a more narrow focus due to lack of space, and Web-TAISU where mainly just a quick adaptation to there suddenly being a plague about.

Having a bit more time to reflect this time, me and Aaron Roth have decided that there is less reason to put restriction on an online event, so this time we are inviting everything AI Safety related.

Buy the way, another thing that is new for this year, is that I have a co-organiser. Thanks to Aaron for joining and also reminding me that it was time for another AI Safety Unconference.