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The LessWrong team wants to celebrate the launch of Shortform (description below) so we're going to host a big, long party that is all things short.

Come dressed in shorts, short-sleeved shirts, and short other clothes (but, like, not _too_ short). Have brief conversations (but also some long ones). Drink small but intense drinks.

Speak off-the-cuff, share those things that are a little rough. That's the Shortform spirit.


LessWrong recently launched Shortform! (aka

Shortform is a new section of the LessWrong site for freely making short posts [1] about whatever's on your mind. Incomplete, exploratory, formative, rambly, rough, boring, draft-stage, and unedited thoughts are all welcome on Shortform.

The idea is to create a place for people 1) to record and share their ideas even before they hit final stages of polishing. Too many good ideas never it to that stage, 2) have somewhere to put short bits of interesting thoughts which aren't yet full-blown ideas.

Read more about the philosophy of Shortform here:

[1] Or posts which took a relatively short amount of time to write despite being a normal length.

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I really wanted to make it tonight, but felt blocked. Explicit, direct invitations and pleasant outreach would assist me in many ways to break through my emotional blocks regarding engaging with technically proficient people.

Im in Los Angeles. Please consider reaching out individually. Blessings!