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LessWrong Israel presents Edo Arad with a Forecasting workshop.

Forecasting is the art of assigning probabilities to future events. It turns out that there are many types of future predictions which we can make some sort of educated predictions on, and there are techniques for improving our methodology for doing so.

We will talk about the basics of forecasting and have some hands-on experience. So come prepared with a computer and be ready for a challenging and fast paced experience!

Please sign up here, and we will send you the URL:

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- 18.45 IDT (15:45 UTC) Check that you can hear and see
- 19:00 IDT (16:00 UTC) Gathering and mingling
- 19:15 IDT (16:30 UTC) Start the main event See Less

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Hi there. I signed up for the event but didn’t receive any URL. Can someone help me out?