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At the time of Hofstadter's Singularity Summit talk , I wondered why he wasn't "getting with the program", and it became clear he was a mysterian:  He believed -- without being a dualist --  that some things, like the mind, are ultimately, basically, essentially, impossible to understand or describe.

This 2023 interview shows that the new generation of AI has done more than chagne his mind about the potential of AI: it has struck at the core of his mysterianism

the human mind is not so mysterious and complex and impenetrably complex as I imagined it was when I was writing Gödel, Escher, Bach and writing I Am a Strange Loop.

Correct. That is why the original Turing Test is a sufficient-but-not-necessary test: It is meant to identify an AI that is definitively above human level.

What about a Turing Test variant in which such inquiries are banned?

That would be possible. Plenty of people don't know much about this topic. If you had such a judge, do you think actually doing a  Turing Test (or some variant) for ChatGPT is a good ideaa

Nice! I am surprised we don't hear more about attempts at a Turing Test, even if it is not quite there yet.

That looks pretty close to the level of passing a Turing Test to me. So is there a way of trying a full Turing Test, or something like it, perhaps building on the direction you show here?

 Do you think there is a place for a Turing-like test that  determines how close to human intelligence it is, even if it has not reached that level?

ChatGPT isn't at that level.

That could well be. Do you think there is a place for a partial Turing Test as in the Loebner Prize -- to determine how close to human intelligence it is, even if it has not reached that level?

I thought there was a great shortage of cadavers. How did they manage to get them for a non-medical school, indeed for use by non-students? Also, I am quite impressed that any course, particularly in the Bay Area, is $60 or free.

Nice! Is there also a list of AI-safety corporations and non-profits, with a short assessment of each where  feasible: goals, techniques, leaders, number of employees, liveness, progress to date?

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