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Centrally planned war

Delegation of authority -- "management by objectives" -- is the newer style of command since World War II.  The lower-level commanders are given goals but are allowed to choose how to achieve them. This was only enabled by improved communication and control measures.

[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Thank you, organizers! Amazing virtual space and  event! I hope that something similar can be done often.

Using false but instrumentally rational beliefs for your career?

If you have goals that justify working hard, like the satisfaction of a job well done; or hopes for a professor position; then do  that. 

If your goals justify not working hard, like enjoying your doctoral stipend while gliding through and  then moving to some other profession, then do that.

Stuart Russell at the SlateStarCodex Online Meetup

New event post with the new online-events feature.

Michael Vassar at SlateStarCodex Online Meetup

New post for the new online-event feature

New posting of this using the new online-events feature.

Tips on organizing online meetups

Thank you for the correction. When I joined one Gather Town event it was so hard to use that I can't say much about how it worked.

(This is the duplicate of a regular post as LessWrong does not support non-geographical events.)

Tips on organizing online meetups

to always have a set topic and if possible also presentation prepared.

These talks all start with a speaker. Do you mean we should have a set topic for the videochat rooms afterwards? It seems that the main event should provide a topic of conversation, though I admit that even then, breaking the ice is often difficult.

> Are you tracking where attendees come from? (% email, % type of Facebook group,  
Not precisely, but the  email list (opt-in and specific to this meetup series)  seems the best. Back when SlateStarCodex was live, the link there was even more valuable.

> Do you know why the attendees come to a talk? (mostly for a speaker/topic, social interaction with like-minded people, other reasons?)

I do not really know, but I think that they are there to hear an interesting talk and specifically for the speaker, as different talks get very different numbers of attendees. A good fraction (half or more) stay for the conversation afterwards, so I guess they are there for that too.

> Is there something specific that you do for people who join for the first time, or give instructions on how to get the most out of the meetup?

The first two minutes explain how it works and encourage people to do things like turn on the video. What other instructions were you thinking of?

Tips on organizing online meetups

I like Icebreaker, but I noticed

I only participated in one Icebreaker. It would be good if someone who organized one of these wants to write up tips.


gather town? This simulates what you want pretty well, and deals with the issues stemming from 100 people in the same call trying to talk together.

Gather Town and Mozilla Hubs have scalability problems, and with Gather Town I kept getting stuck. But more importantly, I believe in seeing people's faces to built social contact. Having multiple videochat rooms solves the scale problem.

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