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Back in those days, there was darkness, and so we created light. 
There was hunger, and so we invented agriculture. 
There was sickness, and so we created medicine.

Back in *these* days, well, there was still sickness sometimes, and many of us continued to create medicine... and some of us created brand new tools for online rituals that anyone could join the world-over.

This December 19th, we'll be hosting Secular Solstice Online, for the American continental timezones. (Other timezones also welcome if you feel like staying up late/early). We'll be singing together using custom software that we built to enable Solstice, telling stories, and joining together for an online festival and afterparty.

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Who is organizing this ? Ie if i wanted to read something, who should I contact?

It's being organized by myself, Alex Altair, and Laura Vaughn. I think PMing me is a good place to start and I can transition it into some kind of group chat afterwards.

Pretty sure Raemon is a fine contact.