This year's ACX Meetup everywhere in New York City, NY! 

Everyone is Welcomed! Yes, You!

Please feel free to come even if you feel awkward about it, even if you’re not ‘the typical SSC reader’, even if you’re worried people won’t like you, even if you have never been to a meetup before, etc. If the opportunity cost of attending is not too high to you, come! You'd always have the option to leave if the event does not live up to your expectations, but you might meet some like-minded people if you are here :)

Prepare for Conversations

If you have a topic that you're interested in discussing with people, feel free to prepare a sign or name tag that says "talk to me about <topic>." There will also be name tags available at the meetup.

Here is a list of ice breaker questions to help you start conversations!


Scott Alexander plans to come around 5PM, but we'd likely start the meetup earlier than that, at 3PM. You're not required to show up at 3PM, come and go at your leisure.

Bring some water because you might be talking a lot.

Location: Teardrop Park – ///swung.shape.shows. Look for signs that say "ACX Meetup" or familiar faces :)

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I have disabled the RSVP function for now, because I realized that the LW RSVP system lists out people's full names in public, without warning users that would be the case. Feel free to show up regardless of whether you've RSVP'd! We'll have some other ways of tracking attendance, like sign-in sheets or counting the # of name tags given out :)

Ok. For what it’s worth, it was clear to me from the site UX where I could see the others’ names. But I did find it a bit surprising. Looking forward to meeting y’all.

The only day out of the month I'm not available.  An interesting coincidence...except nothing is a coincidence...

looks around suspiciously for rogue kaballah

If anyone needs a ride, I will be driving down from Westchester and expect to have three possibly four empty seats in my car. 

Does anyone know approx what time the event will end?

I think people typically hang out for as long as they want, and the size of the group gradually dwindles. There's no official termination point - I'd be a little surprised if more than half of people were left by 7:30, but I'd also be surprised if at least some meetup attendees weren't still interacting by 10PM or later. 

Update: by 7:30 the meetup was maybe at 30% of peak attendance, at 8PM or so it migrated to another park because the first one closed, and the latest meetup interactions I know of went until around 12:40AM.

This looks excellent! I will certainly be attending, and will likely bring several friends with me (even though they have only interacted with ACX dialogue through me). 

I am excited to meet new people!