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Alex Caswen

Hello Everyone,

The February ACX meeting will be on Thursday February 23rd at 7:00 PM.  

LocationUnderground Tap & Grill

Discussion Topic: Everyday AI

So AI is pretty neat recently.

ChatGPT can pass MBA examsmedical examslaw school exams and probably many more to come, can provide better replies in a (admittedly limited) therapy setting, and has been used to aid in court rulings, while AI generated faces are seen as not only more trustworthy, but also more real than real faces.  By some metrics, ChatGPT is the fastest-growing consumer application in history.  With Baidu getting on board, Microsoft's $10 billion bet, and countless other projects like ClaudeGoogle's Bard, or open source alternatives like Open-Assistant, progress in the field has been staggering.

It's a foregone conclusion that we'll all be paperclips soon, but we've already done an X-risk session so we're going to have to settle for something a bit more menial: how is AI going to shape our lives in the near future?

ACX - Mostly Skeptical Thoughts On The Chatbot Propaganda Apocalypse
Hollis Robbins - Secretary jobs in the age of AI

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