Online Meetup for the Meetup Organizers (Sun, 20th December)

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If you currently or historically have organized meetups for your community (LW/SSC/EA/MIRIx/etc), please join us on Sunday, December 20th at 2:00PM (PT) in the LessWrong Walled Garden.

I reckon it'd be great to get various meetup organizers in the same place to share experiences, tell stories, brainstorm ideas, and just hang out with other people who understand what an underestimatedly difficult task being an organizer is.

I estimate the core of the event will run for 1-2 hours with people welcome to stick around for as long as they like. Link to enter the event. We'll meet in the Mushroom Kingdom.

In related news, LessWrong is offering meetup organizers the use of the Walled Garden for hosting your events. We've crafted it exquisitely and hope it makes it possible to have great events even during these physically distanced times.

This year has been rough for meetups, but there's room to persevere. Join us for some cheer.

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Did anyone else show up?  I logged on around 5:30 EST and went to the Mushroom Forest, but no one was there. 

Hi James,

We moved to a different location around 5:20 or so. Sorry, I was inconsistent in location (Mushroom Kingdom, Map Room, and then a new under-construction area). I thought that would be more cool/fun, but in fact it was bad of me to change and not post about it. 

I'm very sorry, that's on me as an organizer that you missed out. We had a pretty good turnout. I think I can share you on a doc we wrote and get some stuff from that. Again, sorry!