There's one more week left in The Review Phase of the LW 2019 Review. After that, we start voting.

Have you been vaguely meaning to do some reviewing but not got around to it? Are you a little intimidated with how to get started but could use a fun social event to help get going?

I'd personally like to allocate at least one more evening towards reviewing a bunch of post. I thought it'd be nice if we got to work alongside each other, chatting on pomodoro breaks. At the beginning, I'll help out people who could use some guidance. People who already have gotten their Review Ball rolling will be free to get started.

At the end, we'll have have a longer chat about how various 2019 posts fit into the broader trajectory of LessWrong's intellectual output.

Come by the Walled Garden's Cabin if you'd like to join me.

Invite Link:

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I was also planning to come, but was a bit brain fried from the US going even more nuts, and it was 10pm my time so general tiredness on top of that. Would come to a future one!

Update: Some people had a vague belief that they needed to have been paying attention in 2019 in order to get to review anything. This was somewhat implied (although not a hard rule) for the nomination process. But it's definitely not a requirement for the review process.

If you're active on the site enough to be reading this message, you're welcome to come to this event, and take the opportunity to start contributing to the longterm LessWrong intellectual project.

I might have come if it wasn't scheduled at 4am my time.

Alas. FWIW I'm happy to cowork with anyone tomorrow starting at noon PT, if at least one person replies here about it. (I dunno if working at 9pm makes sense to you).

If European folk want to organize a meetup about this I would super endorse that, but as a pacific-non-early-bird I don't think I can run it myself.

I can work for an hour starting 9pm my time (I have a work call at 10pm with another pacific guy).

Happy to do that today. Also, you can certainly get started before me.

At yesterday’s event, a couple people said it took them a couple hours to really get into the right headspace and download all the context. Though I think those were people less enmeshed into LW’s day to day.

I'll start at that time, because I also have stuff before ^^ (Making and eating dinner, a call with my girlfriend). As for the context, today is a distillation day for me anyway, so my afternoon is already focused on that. And I have a list of posts I would like to review.

Also, will the same link work?

Update: my computer is borked and I can’t do this today. Sorry!

Current link will not work. I’ll try to make another one beforehand, but also my computer is now crashing horribly and I’m not sure if I can fix it in time for today.