This Sunday at noon, we’ll have a two-part event, we’ll have a two part event:

1. Thunderdome talks! (12pm PT)

Is there a post up for the 2019 Review which you think is likely to be under or overrated, which you have strong feelings about? Are there posts that you're confused about, and want to lay out that confusion concretely and see how people respond? 

Comment below to sign up for a short talk (no more than 5 minutes), either advocating for it, or explaining why it’s wrong/misleading/overrated, or spelling out your confusions about it.

Or, if you see someone commenting below who is planning to argue for/against a post you have different beliefs about, sign up to argue the counterpoint.

Depending on how much interest we get, I may prioritize thunderdome talks based on the karma of the comments below.

2. Voting UI Help / Coworking (1:00pm PT, or whenever Thunderdome Talks are done)

If you’d like to vote, but feeling kinda intimidated by it, 1pm Sunday will be a good time to get oriented. I’ll walk you through the basic steps of how-to-vote, with some suggestions on how to prioritize.

Then we’ll do a couple pomodoro-timers of vote coworking. Folk who want to work quietly can do that while checking in every 25 minutes. Folk who want to chat about posts they’re confused about can do that.

We’ll be meeting in the Walled Garden. Invite link:

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I"d love to give more visibility to the arguments I made in my review against the inclusion Zack Davis's sequence on language.

(I'll also note it feels really weird and more attacking than I'd like to make a 5-minute argument against inclusion of a body of work someone else has sunk significant time into, not really sure how to remedy that)

This particular meetup is over (it's possible we will host a similar meetup next weekend, although I'd currently lean towards not doing it again).

But, I was interested in replying to your comment about that, and may do so now.

We'll be meeting in Bacon Hall, accessible via the Tardis. (follow signs)