The Meaning Crisis

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This Sunday at 12pm PT, Vaniver will give a talk about the "Meaning Crisis" – what previous solutions have looked like, and what new solutions might look like. This is informed by the lecture series by John Vervaeke, previously discussed here.

We'll be meeting in Gather Town:

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When it says "Sunday at 3:00 PM" on my screen, it is not obvious whether it is converting to local time for me (I assume it is but I don't remember telling LW what my time zone was). I think the simplest "fix" is just to have your date/time renderer also render the timezone it is using.

Ah, yeah. That is meant to be your time zone. (It’s at 12pm PT)

Hopefully there will be sequels for this talk. I have found the lecture series extremely helpful. Due to unfortunate overlaps, I can't join tomorrow. If the talk will be recorded, I would gladly give it a listen.