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Alex Caswen

Hello Everyone,

This is an extra bonus ACX Meetup on Thursday June 8th at 6:30 PM.  

LocationAshford House Pub & Kitchen

A table has been reserved for 8-10 people so please RSVP if the people who have responded is close to that number. There is plenty of parking available in the re-development Manchester Square that our Pub is located in.

Discussion Topic: Mental Health

Scott Alexander writes a lot about AI, prediction markets, fiction, economics, politics, (and much much more), but before all that he was (and still is) a psychiatrist, and he still writes about mental health...occasionally.

We will be repeating the open-ended and self-directed format from May 26th:

  1. Pick and read any post of his with mental health as a topic that you find interesting, this search of ACX is a good start,  this search of SSC is a good end.
  2. Share what we learned and use these posts as a starting point for further discussions!

New Members:

The table will be booked under the name Alex. I'm subscribed to this post so feel free to comment on this event if you are having trouble finding us and I'll respond.

See you there!

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