Get to know other cryonics enthusiasts at the icebreaker event happening on Saturday April 10! Afterward, we will move to The Cryosphere, a Discord server for discussion about cryonics. The goals of this event are to connect cryonics enthusiasts and to promote The Cryosphere, where everyone is welcome to chat, ask questions, and collaborate on projects! If you are interested in this topic but not sure if you'd fit in at the event, then you are especially encouraged to attend! Anyone interested in cryonics is welcome.

Please sign up on:

The link to the event will be sent through the Eventbrite mailing list before the event. We will use the Icebreaker Video platform for the event ( You need a Google / Gmail account to login on the platform. No knowledge of the platform is needed, simply click the link to the event when it starts.

Link to The Cryosphere

Starting time:

  • 10:40 am Pacific Time
  • 1:40 pm Eastern Time
  • 8:40 pm Moscow Time

Schedule (Eastern Time):

  • 13:40 Arrival
  • 14:00 Welcome/intro
  • 14:10 1:1 icebreakers
  • 14:25 Group activity
  • 14:40 Q&A
  • 14:50 Intro to Discord server; goals of the server, creating new collaborative projects and working on them there
  • 15:00 Wrap up and move to Discord

Organizers: Eric Magro, Nikki Olson, Mati Roy

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Eric Magro had the genius idea of naming the event "M22 Icebreaker" given M22 is Alcor's cryoprotectant, which prevents ice formation ^^ We decided to go with a clearer title, but still wanted to share here 😅

Those are the questions we intend to use for the icebreakers. No need to read them in advance -- just leaving them here in case anyone is interested.

  • What do you think lead you to be interested in or curious about cryonics?
  • What's your probability that cryonics works? Why?
  • When was the last time you had a significant change in your worldview?
  • What makes you excited?
  • What's your origin story? (or how did you discover cryonics)
  • What's a belief you have that you think your cryonics peers would find weird?
  • What's your favorite Trolley problem variant?
  • What makes you excited?
  • What's an interesting reaction you got from talking about cryonics?
  • What's your lying policy? (ie. when do you find it acceptable to lie)
  • What do you think are plausible revival scenarios?
  • What makes you sad?
  • What was your family’s reaction or how do you think they would react?
  • What's a belief you have that you think most people would find weird?
  • What do you think of as the biggest obstacle to revival? A. Technology required for repair B. Long term stability of the organizations C. Chance of suboptimal preservation (information loss) D. Other
  • What makes you anxious?
  • If we're living in a simulation, would you like to get out of it right now or wait longer?
  • What are your revival timelines?
  • The zombie apocalypse is coming, who are 3 people you want on your team?
  • What gives you wonder?

For the group activity:

  • What do you think is the best way to market cryonics?

Possible alternatives:

----> What is the best way to increase cryonics membership?

----> What is the best way to popularize cryonics?

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