A new team from Cologne and a couple other places decided to make the online LWCW happen again. We also got some of previous years' main organizers on board to help preserve the atmosphere of the event.

From 10th-12th September the Rationalist Community will again gather for 3 days of socializing, fun and intellectual exploration. There will be few pre-planned activities, but most of the content will be unconference style and participant driven.

On Monday, September 6th, participants will be invited to the event Discord and to access the collaborative schedule, to start planning what shall happen the following weekend. Over the week, the schedule will be filled in with workshops, talks and activities.

This is the 8th year of the LessWrong Community Weekend. Those of you who have attended this event before know that the atmosphere and sense of community at these weekends is something really special. If this sounds like something you would enjoy and you have some exciting ideas or skills to contribute, do come along and get involved.

This year the event will happen online for the second time. We will use a different Discord server, but you can expect the same atmosphere and rhythm to the event.


Apply here before September 1st.

Some Platforms we will use

The list of platforms is identical to last year’s one.

(Don’t worry if the list seems long. Most of these work in your browser, so all you have to do is to follow the link that will be provided for that activity.)

  • Discord will be used as the main communications hub for the event. This is where you will go to find all other information. Activities that don’t happen in Discord will be linked to from Discord.
  • Teamup calendar for collaborative scheduling of activities. Each activity will also have, if needed, a link to the platform hosting it.
  • Zoom and/or Google Meet. None of the above platforms are great for really large gatherings such as the opening and closing sessions and probably some of the more popular talks. For these things we will use Zoom and/or Google Meet. Which one depends on the number of participants and the needs of these participants.
  • Gatheround (previously Icebreaker) will be used for speed-friending sessions.
  • Possibly more…? There are likely to be activities that require some specific platform, e.g. online board games. But activity organizers are discouraged to use anything that requires installation. The most probable exception is Tabletop Simulator.


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If we fill out the form, when should we expect to get an response (either confirming attendance or getting rejected)?

Hey, we sent out our first batch of responses on Friday, could you kindly check your spam folder? 

Found it! It was indeed marked as spam. Thank you!

Agreeing with the request, I don't think I ever saw a response to the application

Hey, we sent out our first batch of responses on Friday, could you kindly check your spam folder? 

I likely won't be free to organize activities, but I would like to put it out there that if, like last year, anyone's interested in organizing the Aumann Agreement Game, I'm currently working on developing a website that allows (for now, up to four) people to play.  So the logistics of handling that should be easier.  (Probably.)  It'll hopefully be done within the month, but almost definitely (like 95% confidence) before September.

That sounds awesome! Indeed, last year's Aumann game was great fun, so I am sure someone will be happy to organize it. 

Hi Jozdien, how has been the progress on the website?

I'm done with the frontend, but the guy working on it with me got caught up with some stuff, so the backend still needs some tweaks.  He's free this week, so it's possible it'll be done in time.  I'll post about it if it is.

Looks fun! Checking spam folder now :P

Are the Schedule's times in Eastern Daylight Time?

AFAIK the schedule should adjust to your time zone. Opening session is 7pm CEST.

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