By popular request, the Seattle Robot Cult is back. We'll meet at East Montlake Park at 12 pm on Saturday, August 7. From there it's a 2½-3 hour ride to the Poo Poo Point trailhead. The Tiger Mountain hike itself ought to take another 3 hours roundtrip. Then it's another 2½-3 hours to get back to East Montlake Park. There will be breaks, We'll probably stop for fast food at least once for those of us too lazy to pack a lunch. Bring lots of water and lots of snacks.

If you want to meet us at the trailhead that's allowed, but requires extra logistics.

  • The trailhead parking lot quickly fills up early in the day. Trailhead Direct is available.
  • I don't know for sure how long it'll the bicycle group to reach the trailhead.
  • Cell phone reception at the trailhead is pretty good. I have always had reception. I predict you will too.

The topic of discussion this week is "How can we, as individuals, promote earnestness in our communities?"

Participation is free. RSVPs are required.

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I'd love to meet lsusr. I hiked with my family and their friends many times when I lived closer to tiger mountain. It's a rather easy hike but the trail is very nice to look at. Early mornings are the best for the fog effect at tiger mountain. Logistics might be difficult to get to the park by bus only.

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