Revive Meetups?

by goose0001 min read28th Jun 20219 comments


I moved to the DC area about a year ago, and now that case levels are extremely low and vaccinations have been readily available for months, I'd love to find a chance to meet up in person (I would've been happy to meet outside earlier, but it seems others didn't really feel the same). Happy to join anything SSC (well, ACX now) or lesswrong focused, or really anything from this crowd. 
I'd offer to host, but I'm afraid my location is not generally accessible.

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I'll be moving there at the end of August for university. Maybe we can set something up? I also won't be able to host though.

I'll also be moving back to DC at the end of August for school. I'm unsure about my living situation right now, but if it turns out I can I'd be happy to host a meetup for DC rationalists. There's also plenty of public private spaces in DC on university campuses and elsewhere that'd be perfect for a meetup.

Nice! If it turns out you can, you should make a post on the DC meetup page.

Looks like SSC meetups are still ongoing:

Oh that's awesome. Thanks for the pingback. Yeah seems like second saturdays so hopefully 9/11.

No problem. Looks like that will be the soonest I'll be able to make it as well.

I'd love to. The soonest I'd be available in August would be at the end of the month. I'm sure we can find somewhere public that would work. What will you be studying?

I'll be majoring in math, but likely dabbling in computer science and economics as well.

Cool, that sounds like a pretty useful combination.