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by NihilCredo 1 min read2nd Oct 201122 comments


Discussion article for the meetup : Stockholm meetup

WHEN: 09 October 2011 02:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Café Tabac (Stora Nygatan 46, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden)

Where there are nerds there are Swedes, and LessWrong is no exception. Let's meet up!

The first event, as normal, will be more about introducing ourselves, sharing interests, and generally having a good time. We will then decide what would interest us further (rationalist book club? Regular discussion of LW material? Scientific/math/CS/language subjects? Social/political activism? etc.)

If you are interested but cannot attend this meetup for whatever reason, leave a comment! We want to know you're out there! (Also, the date is flexible)

Disclaimer: I don't live in Stockholm so I don't have much experience with its venues in the daytime. I tried to pick something in a central location and without terrible reviews, but locals should feel free to recommend alternatives. In particular, if you know a library that has a café or meeting room, I believe that would be ideal; is rather unhelpful to that end.

Discussion article for the meetup : Stockholm meetup