Discussion article for the meetup : Stockholm meetup

WHEN: 09 October 2011 02:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Café Tabac (Stora Nygatan 46, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden)

Where there are nerds there are Swedes, and LessWrong is no exception. Let's meet up!

The first event, as normal, will be more about introducing ourselves, sharing interests, and generally having a good time. We will then decide what would interest us further (rationalist book club? Regular discussion of LW material? Scientific/math/CS/language subjects? Social/political activism? etc.)

If you are interested but cannot attend this meetup for whatever reason, leave a comment! We want to know you're out there! (Also, the date is flexible)

Disclaimer: I don't live in Stockholm so I don't have much experience with its venues in the daytime. I tried to pick something in a central location and without terrible reviews, but locals should feel free to recommend alternatives. In particular, if you know a library that has a café or meeting room, I believe that would be ideal; biblioteket.se is rather unhelpful to that end.

Discussion article for the meetup : Stockholm meetup

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This is fantastic! I came across this site a while back and promised myself that I would submit something as soon as I could find the time. Then it slipped my occupied mind and I forgot about the very existence of LW! I happened to take a look inside tonight and the first thing I see is that there is a meetup here in Stockholm 36 hours and 15 minutes from now. What a nice coincidence! I'll be very happy to join. I'm a sucker for all kinds of discussions. Game theory, economy, politics, decision theory, technology, artificial intelligence, fundamental questions in philosophy, physics, you name it. See you guys!


I have booked a room at Medborgarplatsens Bibliotek that can take about seven people, but It closes at 16:00 so it's not ideal time wise, but since it's like a 10 min walk (tops) from our meet up place we could go we always go there when everyone is rounded up, if you guys feel like it. I probably should have posted this earlier . . .

I´m new here, but I will come, this site is brilliant.

I'd love to come, but I live too far away for it to be practical for me to go to Stockholm just for a LW meetup. Would anyone be interested in a Malmö/Lund meet-up?

Same here. Anyone interested in an Umeå/Norrland meetup?

Yes! I would kill for one.

That seems excessive.

Yay, finally a meetup in Sweden! Extremely interested in taking part but unfortunately stuck near Gothenburg and unable to organize anything or travel very far due to medical reasons. Any ideas? This means a lot to me. Either way, good luck with the Stockholm meetup!

  • Hugs, Armok.

Can someone comment? Please? :(

I've mostly been lurking here, but I'll show up.

Looking forward to it.

I'm game!

I'll be the annoying foreigner who makes everyone speak English.


Err I most certainly won't force anyone, but I'm as comfortable speaking English as Swedish if you do not speak Swedish!

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I haven't really had the time to read up on a lot on LW, but I'm dedicated to becoming a more rational person and hey really stimulating conversation is quite hard to come by, so I'd loved to stop by if you guys can stand my being a bit ignorant of a few central concepts?


I will come - I'm in Uppsala currently but I'll take the train down there.

Hey, I'm in Uppsala as well, we can take the same train!

Does the 13.09 regional sound good? It arrives at 13.49 which is a bit tight (my fault, I should have checked the timetable before), but at a brisk walk we should still be there on time.

That's a 15 minute walk according to Google maps even after you've gotten out of the station, and those trains don't have the best reputation for being on time...

So, in case someone else arrives first: Did you/will you book a table that we can claim ahead of you?

I did call, but they unsurprisingly told me that on a Sunday afternoon there wasn't going to be any need to book a table even for a large number of people.

So it will just be a matter of spotting each other - here's a quick picture of myself, just in case.

Yeah sure, that's cool with me. We could also decide on the train for the way back (if you're going back), though SJ's site is down for maintenance at the moment. Anyhow I'll send you my contact info by PM.

I'm out there/here! When's the next meeting?

Hej! Towards the end of the meetup we talked about a tentative date of November 6th.

I hope you had a good meeting.

Let me know if there's a meeting in Malmö, as that's quite close to Copenhagen.