After a brief hiatus, the Austin LW meetup is back together and stepping things up: for the foreseeable future, we plan on meeting every week. The next meeting is:

Saturday 6/4, 1:30 PM, Caffé Medici; right across the street from UT. Parking is available on the street on in one of the garages around it on the street that runs parallel to Guadalupe.

I plan to be there at least until ~4:20, but we may end up staying longer. (We've had a lot to talk about at past meetups.) Hope to see you there!

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Hot diggity damn. I missed the announcement of the last Austin meetup and thought I was going to have to start a chapter myself. I will definitely be there.

Hey! That's great. Excited to meet you :)

Awesome! We look forward to seeing you!

Is this happening again this Saturday, the 11th?

Sorry for the late reply, but yes!

Okay great. I can't make it there this time, but if you all are meeting every week, I can definitely make it sometimes. I live up near Ft Worth so it's quite the drive for a day trip! Are you using google groups to communicate or anything?

Hrm, is there a preferred place to continue the discussion from the meetup online?

Also, is it cheating to abuse Ruby's built-in Bignum type to solve Project Euler problems?

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