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Is there neuroscience research on cognitive biases?

by Yoav Ravid1 min read29th Jul 2019No comments



I recently watched NeuraLink's presentation, and wondered how can something like that help us reason.

The obvious way is an AI that can reason, and is connected to our brains and we reason together with it.

But another direction i thought of, is just helping us notice when we're using motivated cognition and letting cognitive biases take place.

Another thing i thought of was reducing Akrasia, can it help us win the fight between areas in the brain in an akratic situation?

With my very little knowledge about the subjects in hand, it seems like it would be an easier target - seems to me you'd need fewer electrodes, less understanding of how reasoning works, and simpler software.

Although the questions about the possibilities of this technology are interesting, i don't expect anything more the guesses and predictions to be available right now.

So my question is whether we have neurological knowledge about how these mechanisms work.

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