Sunday September 13, 12:00PM (PT) — talks by John Wentworth, Liron and more

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This Sunday at 12pm (PT), we're running another session of "lightning talks" by curated LessWrong authors (see here for previous weeks' transcripts).

  • Each talk will be 3-5 minutes followed by discussion. Afterwards, we'll have a hangout in breakout rooms. The talks will be short and focus on presenting one core idea well, rather than rushing through a lot of content.
  • We want to give top LessWrong writers an interesting space to discuss their ideas, and have more fruitful collaboration between users. Think of it like a cross between an academic colloquium and some friends chatting by a whiteboard.

If you're a curated author and interested in giving a 5-min talk at a future event, which will then be transcribed and edited, sign up here.



When? Sunday September 13, 12:00PM (PT)


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Theme for my talk will be how to detect unknown unknowns.

Will there be a hangout afterwards? If so, on which platform? I don't plan on listening to the talks today, since I need to do things (although today's talks sounds fun), but if there's a hangout, I'd love to be at that.

Yep, there will be a hangout. By default it will just be on Zoom, but if we are enough people I was planning to also expand to Topia.