I have a few anki decks that I like, and am making more based on books I'm reading (currently doing one on Good Calories, Bad Calories). They don't replace reading the book, could probably supplement a summary, but definitely helps recall on specific details (at least for me).

Other people have some anki decks that I'm interested in sharing.

Would people be interested in setting up a shared anki library? Or at least a list of decks so that people can find them in anki's search?

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An easy first step would be to write a wiki page that lists the currently available Anki decks and says/links to their purpose, features and origins.

Well, we already have that! http://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Spaced_repetition#SR_decks

I strongly suggest atucker list the ones he is using there.

Then its time to start filling it!