[META] Karma, its positive and negative component

by Thomas1 min read25th Jan 201222 comments


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I'd like to see, beside the cumulative karma as it is now, also its analytic. Does my 0 points somewhere means no upvotes and no downvotes or +7 and -7, for example?

A timeline graph would also be appreciated.


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I'd like to see recent karma changes for my comments and posts.

I'd love that too, but my understanding is that it is exceedingly hard to implement.

I want to vote for and against the same post sometimes. Not too useful, but might help for ordering by controversial

I've been clamoring to see the upvotes and downvotes for comments since the beginning.

I've never seen a case for the current system as opposed to the more informative system.

I'm tired of the lack of acknowledgement that this position even exists, but I don't see that ever changing.

Position acknowledged.

This has been on the issues list forever.

[-][anonymous]9y 4

Also, can we change things to only show votes for our own posts? Vote being visible is too much priming that leads to too much hivemind.

Although it does cause some hiveminding, I like that the votes are visible to everyone. Many times I'm just skimming past comments, and if I see a +20 I know the person probably said something important, whereas otherwise I might have skipped over it.

Though, as a general rule, we probably shouldn't upvote comments found in this way.

Edit: and this comment is a perfect example of why we shouldn't. Ironically.

There's a Less Wrong anti-kibitzer which you can install in your browser to hide that info.

Vote being visible is too much priming that leads to too much hivemind.

Meh. It also leads to corrective votes and pointing out when something is hidden that isn't that bad.

Yes, great comment. I knew it would be good as soon as I say that it was rated +2.

Seriously, though, showing votes for only your own posts would probably be a large improvement. Why are votes even visible? Make it so we still can have a comment rating threshold, but can't see karma otherwise.

The anti-kibitzer will do that, though it also hides poster names (which I felt was preventing me from getting to know anyone). It's accessible from your account settings.

(Edited for politer tone)

Awesome. Thank you.

It's somewhat annoying that I can't post until I get karma.

But do you find it annoying that other people can't post until they get karma? Do you wish there were more top-level posts by people with no karma?

(or, to make even more of a leading question, do you wish that new people who had an idea for a post but no karma didn't lurk and comment for a week or two before showing their idea?)

By posting a comment in the welcome thread you can pretty reliably get enough karma to post in the discussion section.

That was helpful, thanks! That would have been difficult for me to find otherwise.

One word: spambots.

Maybe we could use the same mechanism to protect LW wiki from spambots. The wiki registration page would be available only to people with karma at least... well, 1 should be enough. Reaching karma 1 should be trivial for any LW member, and pretty difficult for a generic spambot.

Technical difficulties of merging the two currently independent login systems.

I support this enough to make a comment in addition to upvoting. Whenever I check the wiki's recent changes page, way too many of the recent changes are spambots creating accounts or Vladimir_Nesov killing them. As MixedNuts points out, the code end is difficult, but the fix would be highly appreciated.