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A pretty interesting list of psychology blogs. One of my favorite blogs (Mind Hacks) was listed (so the others on the list must be good too. Right?).  


Does anybody know of any good textbooks on applied cognitive psychology?

For memory-Something that would put things like SRS in context with other things like the reasons we forget things, but more in more depth than blog posts? Or do you think that getting a textbook on the subject wouldn't be worthwhile because most of the low-hanging fruits can be grasped through blog posts? 

For emotions-Any good/practical introductions to CBT?

Do you think we should start up a book recommendations recurring thread?



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Sorry, but that web site is just a link farm to attract eyeballs to the online colleges that advertise there. The blog descriptions read like they were written by a content droid in a sweatshop. What reason to read a blog does "this blog takes a current look at the history of psychology" give me? And that's first on the list. Further down we get "This popular blog brings interesting commentary and insight into the world of psychiatry", and "Learn the latest research with this blog which presents information along with links to the research". These summaries are vacuous.

Do you think we should start up a book recommendations recurring thread?

I didn't see this when it was posted originally, or I would have commented then. I'll probably send this in a PM to you as well, because I doubt you'll see it here. There are recurring Media Threads that are appropriate for this.