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by alexflint1 min read17th Jun 20202 comments


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When embedding an image using the markdown editor, is it possible to specify the image dimensions? It seems that both of these do not work:

Inline HTML:

<img src="" width="123" height="123">

Some markdown variant I found on stackoverflow:

![alt text]( =123x123)
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I've been similarly frustrated trying to get images to scale on LW, so looking forward to an answer (although maybe the new editor just eliminates this problem, outside using markdown?).

In draft-JS (the old wysiwig editor) you should be able to scale images via dragging the corner (same for the new editor). 

I'm not sure offhand about markdown. It sounds like our markdown plugin doesn't support the common markdown image scaling syntax. We'll look into it, but it my be awhile since we have to fit it in with other priorities.