Discussion article for the meetup : Southern Arizona meetup

WHEN: 05 July 2011 06:00:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: Coffee X Change 2443 North Campbell Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719

I've decided to try and put together a stronger rationalist community here in Arizona; I know there have already been a few meetups up in Phoenix, and I'm hoping some of the attendees will be willing to migrate a bit. I managed to learn a few useful things at the rationality minicamp Singinst. held that I hope can make this community more enjoyable and connected. Date, time and exact location are still very adjustable, so tell me if you can make it, or if you would like to but need the details changed.

Discussion article for the meetup : Southern Arizona meetup

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I won't be able to make it (out of town for the fourth), but I will refer my friend to this.

So, due to bad luck, bad timing, and lack of proper foresight, it seems this attempt was a total bust(well, not total, I got some work done). I'll try another one sometime this month. Any feedback would be helpful.

I had a bit of car trouble, but I managed to get here get my coffee and the wifi password, and then realize I forgot a sign or anything of the kind. I'm sitting in the corner near the register if anybody happens to be waiting

I'm wearing a dark red shirt and jeans and typing on a white laptop if that helps.

I might go, though it worries me somewhat that no one's replied saying they are going, 'cuz I'm more of a 'interject factoid or non-obvious insight every paragraph or two' kinda socialite. Also I'm only in Tucson till the 8th and might have to schedule with close friends, might not have access to a car, et cetera. So... 25% chance I'll show up, 50% if attendance can be shown to be 4 or greater excluding me.