Cambridge UK Meetup Saturday 12 February

by Ramana Kumar1 min read2nd Feb 201122 comments


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Being curious about the number of LW readers in Cambridge, I propose we meet next Saturday afternoon, 2pm February 12th at The Anchor (12 Silver Street).

Feel free to suggest a better time or place if this doesn't suit you.

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I enjoyed that. Props to xrchz for organising :D

Enjoyed the cryonics discussion especially (haha, being the one to raise it and then sit back and listen to others).

Yes, that was fun, I look forward to the next one!

I'm in (well, near) Cambridge. Don't know yet whether I can make it.

Looking less and less likely, unfortunately.

Definitely can't come. Sorry.

I'm in Cambridge and I can make that time! I imagine there's a few LWers around.

EDIT: Damn, I can't actually do that weekend, sorry. I'm pretty much free any other time.

What about Friday 11th?

Sadly no, but it sounds like most others are, so don't hold up on my account.

Who was there, in the end?

Me, Chris, CJ, Emily, Jonathan, Roman, Arnie, Richard, xrchz, and I think three/four others to whom I apologise for not remembering/catching their names (Tim? Another Richard?).

Sounds like a good meetup. Next time, I hope. (My wife and daughter are both unwell, and another commitment has me abandoning them both for most of tomorrow, so I really couldn't justify disappearing off for hours today.)

Given that there were around a dozen participants, it's pretty clear that it's worth having a next time.

Are these meetups still happening? Just arrived in the Cambridge area and would like to meet some fellow rationalists.

I should be able to make it.

Is this definitely on? I'm thinking of coming from Norwich (where I suspect I'm the only one).

I'll be there.

Certainly interested. Will try to make it.

Sounds good, I should be able to make it.

I always see the "Cambridge" meet posts and get excited before realising it's Cambridge MA. This time not!

I think I'm free. The same time the following weekend is bad for me, but Sunday 20th is OK.

I'm in Cambridge and would really like to. Next Saturday may or may not be possible for me but I will pencil it in!

Hm, interested.

I'll be there. Someone should make a sign with a paperclip on it, or at least have a laptop open and displaying one.

I believe this one is becoming traditional.

can you bring the paperclip?