Link: My something-like-Friendliness-research blog

by [anonymous] 1 min read16th Dec 20105 comments


If you want to know what that something-like-Friendliness is, you can read the blog! You can find it here: (About page here: )

Anyone who's bothered to notice the trend of my posts and comments to Less Wrong has probably noticed that I aim to be as metacontrarian and contentious as possible. Other times I run small social experiments. Sometimes this is interesting, sometimes it's probably just frustrating, but I do hope it's at least thought-provoking. With my blog I'm trying to showcase interesting ideas more than bring up counterintuitive alternatives, so perhaps those who don't generally like my posts/comments will still find my blog tolerable. It's also about something that I take more seriously than other rationality-related topics, that is, building an AI that does what we want it to do.

The names of of the posts I've put up already: "What are humans?", "Are evolved drives satiable?", "Why extrapolate?", and "Gene/meme/teme sanity equilibria".

I hope to get a new post out every few days, but honestly I have no idea if I'll succeed in that. At the very least I have a few weeks' worth of cached ideas to post, and I'll continue studying related things in the meantime. 

I'd really like anyone else who has a blog about anything mildly related to rationality to post a link in their own discussion post. Currently I only know to follow Vladimir Nesov and Luke Grecki (whose blogs are linked to from mine), and my RSS feed has room for many more.