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Bangalore hopefully has enough LessWrongers to have its own meet up. I suggest having one in the afternoon on Saturday, 28th May at Cubbon Park Bandstand. (Behind the high court in Cubbon park).

I commit to be there from 4 pm-7 pm with a LW meetup sign and a book (can't commit to which book I'll be reading two weeks hence, so will edit that in later. I'll be wearing a red kurta though). Since I don't know any Bangaloreans here and have never stood around in a public park holding up a sign before, comments showing interest will be much appreciated as morale-boosters. :)

I'm open to suggestions regarding both time and place.

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Damn, I can't believe there was meet up here and I missed it :( I should be lurking more often here. So, what was the turn out like? Minutes of the meeting, anyone?

missed it. i live in bangalore. Joined LW today.


:( And I posted it two weeks in advance too!

Me and Twig turned up and first despaired of having enough to talk about for 3 hours in case nobody turns up and well looking at our watches at seven and deciding that we should probably leave.

No minutes - the discussion was all over the place. We decided to try again for a meetup a couple of months later and see if we'll get a better turn out. So far I know the three of us from Bangalore and one person in Chennai. Other lurkers are requested to comment here or PM me so we can get a propah meetup going. And anyone from Chennai/Hyd etc can also let us know if they'll be interested in joining a Bangalore meetup.

Again, apologies for not paying more attention to these boards. I was expecting more than two to turn up. But well, what do we know.

Looking forward to the next meeting. I might drag a friend along. He's not an LWer but might be interested..

Oh wow. I hate that I missed this post...

Am in Mumbai myself... It's good to know there are LWers so close...


Maybe there are some in Mumbai too? Although it did not figure in the list of cities with higher than 4000 visitors per annum, it might still be worthwhile finding out by actually posting a meetup announcement.

Otherwise you're welcome to join us in Bangalore! :)

Is anybody interested in having meetup at Chennai?

A Facebook group "Less Wrong Bangalore" has been created to enable communications of future meetups.

I feel so sorry I missed this post. Any other meetuPs being organised in Hyderabad/Bangalore? I am definitely in for this.

Cool. June 11/12 is not possible for me. So, obviously Majority should rule in this case.

June 5/6 - Yes June 11/12 - No June 18/19 - Yes

Hi roshni, I just saw this post today. I recently thought about posting something like this and I am sorry I missed this. Maybe we can do this next Sunday as well.


Next Sunday will not work for me. How about either 11th/12th of June?

Requesting ssarkar, Karthik and Twig to revert on the proposed dates too...

Hi all, there are regular meetups of Bangalore Freethinkers, Nirmukta & IISc Freethinkers in Bangalore, latest being 15th & 17th of May. It may be a good idea to initiate them in Lesswrong meets. I'm comfortable on 11th/12th June.

I like this idea. After a quick browse, I couldn't find any information regarding any upcoming Nirmukta meets on their site. Are any planned in the near future?

Also, I'm out of B'lore on 11th/12th. So 18th/19th works well for me.


I'd suggest rather than initiating them in LessWrong meets straight away a first step should be to recommend LessWrong to your friends there and then include those who take an interest in it. Else we just merge into their larger community.

Going through Nirmukta's objectives I see a lot of focus on public discourse of science and religion, a lot of discussion on godmen, astrology and the like, which are surely important but not much of a focus in LW.

Anyway, I'm ok for any weekend after 5th/6th.. We'll wait to hear from the others. The winner so far seems to be 18th/19th.

you're right roshni, the objectives don't match.

Hi Roshni, I'm just a three month old LWer. Though i have interest in human rationality since many years, I do not If I can contribute to the discussions. Is there any agenda of sort (so that i can come prepared) or is it just no-agenda but a free-flow-idea meet up?


Sorry did not see this comment till now- been crazy busy this weekend. I haven't thought up an agenda yet as I'm really not sure of how many are going to come. Let's just get introduced first? If we have enough LWers here to make this a regular meetup, we'll then have pre-decided activities, plans etc.

Just an interest in LW is enough to come to the meetup really. I hope you'll turn up!

Yes, introduction certainly helps. I will be there by 4:00PM.

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