The survey will close at the end of the year.


What is the Effective Altruism Survey?

The Effective Altruism (EA) Survey is the official survey run by Rethink Priorities and the Center for Effective Altruism to provide valuable information about the demographics of the EA community and other vital data used for EA community building. LessWrong users remain an important part of this community and we want to ensure they are represented.

We appreciate it when EAs share the survey with others. If you would like to do so, please use this link ( so that we can track where our sample is recruited from.

What's new this year?

  • The EA Survey is substantially shorter. Our testers completed the survey in 10 minutes or less. 
  • We worked with CEA to make it possible for some of your answers to be pre-filled with your previous responses, to save you even more time. At present, this is only possible if you took the 2020 EA Survey and shared your data with CEA. This is because your responses are identified using your log-in. In future years, we may be able to email you a custom link which would allow you to pre-fill, or simply not be shown, certain questions which you have answered before, whether or not you share your data with CEA, and there is an option to opt-in to this in this year’s survey.


Why take the EA Survey?

The EA Survey provides valuable information about the EA community and how it is changing over time. Every year the survey is used to inform the decisions of a number of different EA orgs. And, despite the survey being much shorter this year, this year we have included requests from a wider variety of decision-makers than ever before.


This year the Centre for Effective Altruism has, again, generously donated a prize of $1000 USD that will be awarded to a randomly selected respondent to the EA Survey, for them to donate to any of the organizations listed on EA Funds. Please note that to be eligible, you need to provide a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you.


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Vaguely interested in Effective Altruism?

In roughly which year did you first get involved in EA?

So, which one is it?

Feel free to skip questions if you feel they aren't applicable to you.

Please note that these responses are not legally privileged, and we cannot promise to keep confidential anything that you tell us which may implicate you, or anyone else, in any illegal activities or regulatory investigations. Unfortunately, not all of the ways you could implicate someone are obvious (or necessarily involve wrongdoing). Please therefore do not discuss any such topics, in particular any speculations/rumors about past events, with us.

This is pretty useless wording. I understand it probably came from a lawyer, but I've read it several times and can't actually tell what it's saying.

Yeah, it came from a lawyer. The point being that if you confess to something bad, we may be legally required to repot that, so be careful.