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How do you celebrate your birthday?

by Mati_Roy1 min read17th Sep 20203 comments


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Or: what's a cool idea to celebrate your birthday?

Or: why don't you celebrate your birthday?

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3 Answers

I'll probably just go out for dinner with my husband. Usually I have a party with friends and family as well, but this year that isn't a good idea. Just when I'm turning 65, too... :(

Last year I led a day-trip to a seaside town with an amusement park. It was a bigger commitment than an evening in the pub, which meant there was a smaller group with a lot of buy-in. I think the importance of novelty and purpose (in this case the journey and the tourism) is often underestimated in group recreation. It felt like it went well and I'd like to do it again next time. Recommend.

Personnaly I don't. I just call some friends individually and organize a serie of 1-1 dinners.

The science youtuber behind the channel "the thought emporium" and "the taste emporium" has an interesting take on this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8djjv5ovMNo at 25 seconds. Basically he makes a cake outside of his skill set, spends the whole day on it and give it to his friends.