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Sounds like a lot of people will end up choosing the Experience Machine.

I've played around with the Playstation VR demo at Best Buy and tried a Galaxy Gear VR at the mall, but was pretty underwhelmed by both. Are the high-end products like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive really that much better?

Has anyone used VR and found this to be true or false? If this VR sadness frequently occurs we shouldn't expose children to VR.

I haven't tried VR but it sounds pretty similar to the kind of thing that happens when you finish reading a good book of fiction and are forced to return to the ordinary world.

I would rewrite the title as "The post-virtual-reality feelings of sadness", it's clearer for the reader. At least, it would be for me. Even better: Post-virtual-reality sadness.

"What I quickly noticed after a couple hours of intense VR sessions is the feeling you get the hours after. Depending your experience in VR, this feeling can sometimes hold on for hours, especially if you’re new to VR.

And I’m not talking about motion sickness or any immediate effects that are easier to track down.

What I’m talking about is a weird sense of sadness & depressed feeling.