This is a good illustration of how hucksters and differentiated meme virulence mean we can't have nice things.

People really want X (e.g. to live forever, to lose weight, etc.). Hucksters take advantage of this by promising X, and memes that persuade people they can achieve X by adopting the meme (e.g. Christianity in the case of living forever) spread. Then people develop antibodies to the hucksters or memes, and the antibodies end up attacking anything that promises X (since it resembles the mistaken claims).

As Randall Munroe joked:

Somewhere out there i

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That's a really nice explanation of the situation.

1Paul Crowley7y If that one LWer has a technical critique of cryonics, they should write it up. cf, oh, just about everything on my blog. []

Questions on SI Research

by MichaelAnissimov 7y1st Jun 20121 min read14 comments


Hello LessWrong,

As one of my assignments at the Singularity Institute (SI), I am writing a research FAQ answering the most frequently asked questions regarding the Singularity Institute's research program. 

For a short summary of what SI is about, see our concise summary

Here are some examples of questions I'm currently planning to include:

1) who conducts research at SI?

2) what are the specific research topics being investigated?

3) what is the history of SI's research program?

4) where does SI see its research program in 5, 10, and 20 years?

5) what other organizations conduct research similar to SI?

Please submit other questions that come to mind below. Unfortunately, due to limited time, we cannot answer every question posed to us. However, I hope to answer some of the questions that receive the most upvotes. Thank you for your participation!