Reminder:  Less Wrong will be having a meetup on Saturday at 7pm UTC (convert to other time zones), in the #lesswrong IRC channel on Freenode. If all goes well, this will be a recurring event. If you haven't used IRC before, Mibbit provides a web-based client you can use.

(It's my understanding that this works out to 12pm Pacific or 3pm Eastern, i.e. in about 7 minutes from the time of this posting.  I'll delete this post after the meeting is over - comments to main post only, please.)

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Maybe this could be announced in advance next time? Like a couple of hours instead of 7 minutes. >.>

In case you don't understand why your comment was voted down, the meetup was announced far in advance.

There's a valid point to suggest that a reminder at T minus two hours would be more useful than T minus seven minutes, though.