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Can I automatically cross-post to LW via RSS?

by lifelonglearner1 min read8th Jul 20195 comments


Personal Blog

I have a shortform blog elsewhere, and I'd like to cross-post the content of the posts to my personal blog here. I have it set that each new post updates an RSS feed.

On LW2.0, Is there an easy way to do cross-posting, or do I need to go mucking about in the API?

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2 Answers

Happy to set it up for you. We currently don't allow it to happen automatically because of some abuse potential, but I would be happy to set it up for you if you ping us on Intercom (and the same goes for anyone else who wants to ping us).

Thanks! I'm a little worried about my own signal-to-noise ratio for now, so I'll do that later on if I feel my short-form quality improves.

Meant for this to be a reply.

We can also set it up to only crosspost when you apply a certain tag. Most of the people who've set up crossposting have set it up so that it crossposts only when a certain tag is applied.

Basically we can set up crossposting for whatever generates a unique RSS feed.

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I'd actually been intending to message you about this. Glad you beat me to it - would love to see your stuff on here.