I plan to host an OBLW meetup in Pittsburgh, PA, in the next couple of weeks, but would like to know the level of interest first. Please comment if you think you'd attend.

(The planned location is a house in Squirrel Hill, about a mile and a half from Carnegie Mellon University; but if you attend CMU and would strongly prefer a location on campus, please say so.)

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I would be interested if I could get there (from buffalo NY)

Sure, I live nearby and will try and come. I can drive people from CMU to wherever we hold it.

Another CMU student here. I've only been lurking on this site for a couple of weeks thus far, and can't say I wholly understand everything said or fully identify with the community yet, but I'd be interested.

Wow, a dream come true! I'm extremely interested.

(And yes, I attend CMU and would prefer a location on campus.)

I'm interested, especially since this will likely be the closest such meet-up to State College, PA. I'm not the only one here, so I can ask around. Although, obviously, our transportation logistics will be more complicated.

I'm not part of this site at all but looks like there are some mutual acquaintances, common interests, etc. I'm also at Penn State and might consider a Pittsburgh event depending on the timing. I'd like to discuss this with someone via email (sbaum [at] psu.edu ) if possible since I won't be checking this thread. Thanks. http://sethbaum.com


What is OBLW? I'm guessing the LW is Less Wrong, but stumped on the OB. http://www.acronymfinder.com/OBLW.html returns no results.

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