Where do I most obviously still need to say "oops"?

by lukeprog1 min read22nd Nov 201162 comments


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Eliezer once told me:

The most common error I see on Less Wrong is the failure to say "Oops."

If there's one rationality skill I like to think I'm pretty good at, it's this one: the skill of saying "Oops."

In fact, I say "Oops, fixed, thanks" so often on Less Wrong I once suggested I should have a shortcut for it: "OFT."

And I don't just say "oops" for typos and mistakes in tone, but also for mistakes in my facts and arguments.

It's not that I say "oops" every time I'm challenged at length, either. I don't say "oops" until I actually think I was significantly wrong; otherwise, I stand my ground and ask for better counter-arguments.

But I'm sure I can improve.

Wanna help me debug my own mind?

Tell me: On which issues do you think I most obviously still need to say "Oops"?