Hello, my Squire,

Several weeks ago you pointed out that my blog posts contain lots of spelling errors and you offered to proofread them for me. This was a good offer. I accepted it. My blog posts have fewer typos than they used to.

Later, you asked if you could pour me drinks and carry my dirty shoes. This was a good offer too. I accepted it. When I needed my backpack you ran to fetch it for me. When I was weary from hours of nonstop debate, you ensured I returned home safely.

I cannot ask anyone to work for free. That would be unethical. But when a talented young man (metaphorically) beats down my door with an offer to work for free—well, it would be silly for me to refuse.

Me: How did I ever survive without someone to pour me drinks and fetch my dirty shoes?

[Redacted]: You got used to having minions scary fast.

April was weird

The best way to learn to program is to start your own software projects. The best way to learn to write is to write your own blog. Or maybe not. Perhaps I am wrong. If you believe the best way for you to find your way in the world is to assist me then so be it.

I will make no attempt to teach you. I cannot promise the work I delegate will be worthwhile to you. But I can promise it will be worthwhile to me. You can have the boring, tedious work I don't want to do myself. Perhaps you will learn something by accident.

If I choose to honor you, I shall call you my sandalbearer.



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