Announcing the Center for Applied Postrationality

by DonyChristie1 min read2nd Apr 201914 comments


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Hi all! Today, we are announcing the formation of a new organization: the Center for Applied Postrationality (or CFAP).

Right now we're looking for two things: 1) $1.5 million in funding to have runway for the next six months, and 2) intellectual contributions from deep thinkers like YOU!

Just what is postrationality, anyway? To be honest, we don't really know either. Maybe you can help us? The term can refer to many different things, including:

  • Epistemological pragmatism
  • Getting in touch with your feelings
  • Learning social skills
  • Disagreeing with stuff on LessWrong
  • Becoming a Christian
  • According to one of our employees: "Postrationality is making the territory fit the map. Postrationality is realizing that paraconsistent linear homotopy type theory is the One True framework for epistemology, not Bayes. Postrationality is realizing that Aristotle was right about everything so there's no point in doing philosophy anymore. Or natural science. Postrationality is The Way that realizes there is no Way. Postrationality is meaning wireheading rather than pleasure wireheading. Postrationality is postironic belief in God. Postrationality is the realization that there is no distinction between sincerity and postirony."
  • Another employee: "CFAP exists at the intersection of epistemology, phenomenology, sense-making, and pretentiousness. Our goal is to make new maps, in order to better navigate the territory, especially the territory in California. Google maps sucks at this. "

We're still deconfusing ourselves on what "applied" postrationality is, as so far it's mostly been insight porn posted on Twitter. Comment below what techniques you'd suggest for training the art of postrationality!