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Flashcards for AI Safety?

by Søren Elverlin1 min read14th May 20193 comments



I sometimes struggle to remember the contents of all the articles I've read on AI Safety. Spaced repetition might be helpful, but this requires someone to write flashcards. For Anki, I've found 2 decks, titled "Superintelligence" and "AI Policy".

Do more AI Safety relevant decks exist?

What would be a good strategy for generating useful flashcards?

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2 Answers

This is the only repository of LW-related Anki decks that I know:


No explicit section for AI safety, though a lot of the sequences decks apply.

Hower, I personally think copying other people's Anki decks is a bad idea and it has caused me to stop using Anki completely a few times in the past. Though others seem to have had more positive experience with doing that (see the top comments on the thread above for discussion).

Are you looking to learn them or consider them when doing something actively? I've found randomization card decks where there are a lot of options. It allows you to explore a bit more than you would have and doesn't depend on your ability to recall or that you won't be biased for/against certain ones.

I talk about it from an ideation POV here: