Firstly, if this has already been created, then I apologize, but I couldn't find it and I looked.

I wanted to read the how to change your mind sequence on my eBook reader, but when I looked around the site I couldn't find any eBooks other than large ones with the blog posts in order of post date, which isn't really how the sequences are arranged. So I decided to copy and paste everything from the how to change your mind sequence into an eBook. Primarily for my personal use, but I figured that other people might be interested in it as well.

My version is in epub format, Calibre can convert to others, but if you'd like another format, let me know and I'll convert it.

I believe that I got all the basic HTML formatting down, like indention where was it in the main article and bullet points and suchlike. I didn't include hyperlinks, as most eReaders can't open them.

The table of contents is arranged exactly like the subsequences are in the sequence.

I've tested it in Calibre and on my Sony PRS 505 (which is quite old at this point), but everything seemed to work everywhere I tested it.

If you find any errors, or have any suggestions, please let me know.

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Note that a nicely formatted and typo-corrected version of The Sequences is currently being prepared for PDF, Kindle, and iBooks.

Is there any editing being done? In my opinion, a lot of essay 'refactoring' could be of use here for Eliezer's writing.

Is there any public timeframe for when these will be released, even an approximate one?

December? Not sure.

Do you have a 50% confidence interval?

Here is my 70% confidence interval.

Sorry for the late reply but the question just occurred to me: is this publication likely to include the current sequence, "Highly Advanced Epistemology 101 for Beginners"? (I don't know how long the sequence will be, so I'm not sure if there's time.)

Will it include references to concepts not wholly original, and provide footnotes when a presented concept is similar to a mainstream line of thought, but differs in a significant way?

The lack of the above is my main reason for putting off the sequences; I like to be able to track and attribute ideas to their source partially so I can better introduce them to others.

Most (maybe all?) sequences are available in alternative formats here:

There is also a huge single file version of all Eliezer's post up to end 2010 here:

It is true, although I only see one version of what I did, and the formatting is kind of odd, but Jordan has put pretty much all of them into ebook format here.

mobi would be wonderful for kindle users.

Converted to mobi for Kindle users.

Thanks. I wish I had this when I read this one for the first time.

What do you prefer about this version to the other mobi versions available?

Whoop, when I read the sequences there were no easily found versions for kindle. I didn't notice that you'd done that already. I've no preference for one over the other.

My lump of thinking meat is throbbing with glee! This is the perfect thing I didn't know I wanted. It's just perfect since I usually end up with far more tabs than I can read efficiently, this will make me able to read everything in order, and I'll even be able to keep my focus on the more massive posts! I knew I should keep this shorter, but I wanted to thank you properly. Just... Wonderful, thank you.

Can it be made available in PDF?

Converted to PDF, although the table of contents doesn't work correctly, apparently Calibre doesn't do that.

What is your favorite way of making eBooks in different formats? I can imagine two solutions:

a) Make the eBook in one format, and then use some applications to automatically convert it to the remaining formats. Possible disadvantage: if the latter formats allow some features that the original format does not support, the converted versions will not use them.

b) Write the eBook in some format-independent language, such as TeX or DocBook, and then compile it to all formats.

I don't have much experience with eBooks, so I don't know what kinds of formats are there, what are their features, and what convertors/compilers exist.

I made it in a program called eCub, which compiles .html files to a .epub file, which I then converted to other formats in Calibre.